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Unearth Your Inner Potential, Outdoors

A Path to Clarity

A Path to Clarity 

Do you want to live a better life that truly inspires and energises you? 

To finally understand what motivates and fulfils you?

To have the clarity and courage to act and the energy to commit to long term successful change?

But just don’t know how to make it happen?

Climb for Clarity we will help you:

  • Gain a stronger Emotional resilience
  • Recalibrate all aspects of your health, physical, mental, social, and spiritual
  • Unlock how you can live a more choice led life on your terms.
  • Energise you to have more purpose, direction and motivation.
  • Crystal clear clarity on how to transform and enjoy living your life
  • Long term change & Ongoing commitment to continue your journey.
  • Help you understand why fear has been holding you back.

You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality. – Wayne Dyer

Coaching while walking

At Climb for Clarity, we offer coaching while walking in nature to unlock your potential and promote high performance in all areas of your life. 

Our nature walks offer more than just physical exercise; we combine movement with mindfulness, taking time to notice the beauty around us as well as the wisdom within us. 

By taking the time to reconnect with yourself and nature, you’ll gain greater clarity of your goals and develop a deep sense of self-awareness and understand the behaviours and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. With Climb for Clarity by your side, we take you one step at a time putting one foot in front of the other as you navigate the path towards clarity, courage, and commitment. 

Take the first step on your journey today.

Our Programs

Clarity Life Coaching

    • Assuredness on direction & purpose
    • A more choice led life on your terms
    • Manage your overall wellbeing
    • Embrace a better you
    • Motivational Map
    • Personal Breakthroughs

Clarity Business Coaching

    • High Performance & Productivity
    • Grow & Scale
    • Individual & Team Motivational Maps
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Wellbeing
    • Systems & Processes
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting
    • 1-2-1 Availability throughout

Clarity Executive Coaching

    • Clarity on direction & purpose
    • Live life on your terms
    • A time specific plan of action for Success
    • Manage your overall wellbeing
    • Life Balance
    • Burnout avoidance
    • High Performance
    • Motivational Map
    • 1-2-1 Availability throughout
    • Personal Breakthroughs

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Pete Rushmer

Fleet Geek & Performance Expert | Flagship Partners

"Simon recently supported me in finding clarity on my future. He also helped me consider options and ideas I hadn't previously considered too. Simon has a unique approach where we had coaching outdoors whilst going for a walk which really helped me reconnect with what I want from life. I really recommend speaking to Simon if you would like to get away from the noise and busy-ness of your everyday life and work on finding your passion. Simon is a great sounding board and support, asking fantastic questions that will help you stretch yourself too."
Ben Martin

Southern Softflow

"I was introduced to Simon via mentorship on the Help to Grow programme. Simon and I spent our first sessions talking through the business today and steps I could take myself to further progress towards my current goals. In subsequent sessions, Simon pushed me to imagine what is possible to transform the business onto a new frontier. Aside from business mentorship, Simon has also helped me to put this into the context of what is important in my personal life and how the business fits in as part of that. Simon's mentorship has really helped to steer me towards a direction of growth."
Kevin Raffles - Founder


"I endorse Simon as an exceptional life coach who has provided me with invaluable guidance and direction for my business plans. Simon's expertise and support have been instrumental in not only helping me identify my goals but also in seamlessly coordinating these concepts into an actionable plan. His insightful coaching has been a transformative experience, steering me towards a newfound sense of purpose and confidence in my professional journey. Thanks to Simon's assistance, I now navigate my business with more clarity, conviction, and assurance that I am on a well-defined and promising path. I wholeheartedly recommend Simon to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and dedicated life coach"
Luke Cleary - Technical Director

CSR Sustain

"Simon has been essential to my role as a business director. Not only does he serve as a reliable sounding board, but he also imparts valuable advice drawn from his own experiences. Particularly noteworthy is his emphasis on the concrete realisation that all business decisions are rooted from the financial foundations of the company. I have no doubt that he will continue to thrive and share his wisdom with other business professionals."

Mission Statement

Our mission at climb for clarity is to help you recognise your uniqueness and discover your true potential, so you can live a life of joy, purpose and success. We strive to create an environment of support, empathy and encouragement so you have the confidence you need to move forward with clarity, courage and commitment.

We passionately continue working on our own growth mindset, learning, and development so we can always be offering our energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the best possible outcomes for you.

Enjoy the journey!